Extending the battery life of the electric scooter is a handy process. It helps in keeping the electric scooter in a state of constant use. Some of the ways in which we can enhance its life is by avoiding consistent charging or overcharging.

Ways to Extend the Battery Life of an Electric Scooter

1. Keep the Battery Charged

Charging the battery when it is almost dead is not a good idea. All batteries have their own state in which the battery is charged depending on its capacity. If this charge cycle is repeated when the battery is almost dead, it can damage the battery. The best way to keep the battery charged is to charge it daily and avoid frequent charging cycles.

2. Don’t Overcharge

It is a good practice never to overcharge your scooter as this can damage your battery’s life cycle. You need a charger designed for scooters and gives a nominal charge for times when you don’t use it. Also, an additional beeping device can be installed to let you know that the battery’s charge is full.

3. Use the Right Charger for Your Battery

Do not try to use cheap or imitation chargers for your batteries. What you need are original chargers designed especially for your scooter. They are safe, efficient and provide you with better life cycles. Also, they are affordable too.

4. Clean Scooter Inside Out When Not In Use

Like all other electronic appliances that we use at home, it is advisable to keep your scooter outside and clean up after each use. Also, avoid keeping it in a damp area or a place susceptible to more dirt and grime. A clean scooter is always better than an unclean one and will help you avoid unnecessary problems down the line.

5. Let Your Battery Cool Before Charging 

The safest way to extend the battery life of your scooter is to charge it once a day. This means that the battery needs to be cooled off before being charged again. This helps preserve the charge in good condition and prevent further damage. It also prevents the batteries from short circuits or even exploding after malfunctioning.

6. Keep Your Battery Charged When Not In Use 

If you are not using your scooter for a long period, it is good to charge it to avoid risking the battery’s life. Also, it is a good idea to remove the battery from the scooter when it is in storage because such batteries tend to leak over time.

7. Stop Using Your Scooter In Inappropriate Weather Conditions 

Heat and cold are detrimental to the life cycle of your electric scooter batteries. Also, they can reduce the life cycle by up to 50 percent. Keeping your scooter in a cool and dry environment is advisable.

8. Handle the Scooter Well 

Electric scooters are meant to be handled safely and conveniently. This can be achieved by ensuring that you have gloves when handling it. Also, it is advisable to sit down when using your scooter not to get injured even if it falls over.

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If you follow these tips, your electric scooter battery will last longer and save you the hassle of finding a replacement. Consider investing in a stand to hold your scooter, so it’s easy to find in your garage or at the office. This will prevent you from forgetting where you parked it and needing to fire up the battery when it’s time for work or class. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should you charge your scooter? 

A. This depends on how much it is used. A general guideline is to charge new electric bikes for the first few times after it arrives. After that, if you use the scooter every day, set it at night when you go to bed. This will help ensure that your scooter stays in top condition at all times. Do not let your battery run all the way entirely down or allow it to overcharge.

Q. How do you know if the battery of your scooter is full? 

A. It will take about 2-4 hours for the battery to charge up fully. The scooter comes with a display that shows the capacity of the battery. Once it’s charged, unplug it from the charger, put on the key and ride through.

Q. Can we use an acid battery for a scooter? 

A. Scooters that use an acid battery (such as the Razor E300) should be treated accordingly. An acid battery is different from conventional batteries because it contains sulfuric acid and is very dangerous if you do not follow correct safety precautions.