Video Summary

On diodes video is teaching you 20 easy scooter tricks you can learn in 20 minutes. The first trick is how to properly get on your scooter without looking like an idiot. Figure out your stance and which way you stand are the next most important things to learn. The bunnyhop is a crucial trick to learn for any trick that you want to do on the scooter. The magnet is the same concept as a bunnyhop but instead of using your arms to keep your feet on your deck you do the opposite and push your arms down. The trick is when you ride your scooter with only one hand in the air. I challenge you to add a barspin or a late tail up in there no foot late whip or a nova barspin. An EXO is a half bar spin but your bars never actually leave your hands. Next trick we’re learning is called the xride X right is called an X ride because it’s just an extension of the trick. The cam plant is one of my favorite tricks I love doing tricks in and out of it before you learn the actual can plant. After you became a Jedi Master it’s time to go back to elementary school and play some hopscotch. This trick is where you put your back foot on the ground and then jump off of it. It feels like you’re playing a kids game and you’re hopping around on your feet in your scooter. A half bar is a really good way to begin the stages of learning a bar spin. If you spend a lot of time doing a half bar you might as well just learn a bar spins. The trick we’re learning is actually one of the first scooter tricks I ever learned. A one-footed manual is really finding your balance point on your scooter. You can either use your front foot or your back foot as a counter to help you balance off the manual. While you’re staying on one wheel it can be very uncomfortable at first but once you get the hang of it is easy. No handed ride is a really fun trick because you basically ride your scooter with only your feet on the scooter.

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